Monday, June 8, 2009

Joie Di Vivre

I thought it was a boring night. Immediately after attending a seminar, I headed home to get some breather and to somehow excite myself about an earlier-planned outing with my best buddies. I was fetched minutes after taking my sumptuous dinner. We drove ourselves to Malatapay, a nearby sitio. As we were on the road, I was already enjoying the early rise of the full moon, radiating its rays to the blades of rice. It was magnificent. Reaching Malatapay was never that grand. My friends ordered some eatables while I made a temporary exit to reach the port area and see for myself a better view of that gigantic gentle ball in the sky. As I have reached the lane, I was in great awe seeing how wonderfully God had created that supposedly-boring night. The elegant reflection of the moon’s rays painted in the waters of the calm sea seemed to be an aisle for a bride’s regal march. The few stars’ strength to exude their glow was exhilarating plus that lonesome star’s silence completes a perfect canvas of the song From a Distance. Adding to the intensely romantic scenario was the quiet journey of a banca crossing the reflections of the moon’s ray. For a while, I felt I was standing right in a place where I used to see as a painting. I thought it was a boring night until I had a serving of nature’s soothing caress.
True enough, a lot of nature’s masterpieces constantly remind us of two things: one, that God exists and two, that in His existence, He has a lot in store for us.
All glory and praises to Him…

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charmaine said...

base sa imong writing, i realized nga na miss pd nko ang malatapay ;(